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Vegan food in Italy: supermarkets

vegan food supermaket italy
vegan food in an Italian supermarket


If you are visiting my country and you are worried about the food I just can tell you that finding vegan food in Italy is super easy and can also be surprisingly cheap, both in restaurants and supermarkets; I already posted an article about eating out here, so now I'm going to show how to find everything you need in supermarkets.



If you are in a hurry or have issues reading the ingredients you can rely on labels, but beware: there a re a lot of accidentally vegan foods in supermarkets that don't have a vegan label, and it is really a pity to miss them.

Sometimes you can find this international labels (at Lidl's, for example, or whole food shops)

Risultati immagini per vegan labelRisultati immagini per vegan label


And some other times you can find this local one (beware, THIS is a brand that companies can buy, not a certification)

Risultati immagini per vegan ok

This one can be found both on food and cosmethics

Risultati immagini per certificato vegan icea

Basic foods


Many traditional Italian foods are vegan, like PASSATA DI POMODORO (tomato sauce), PASTA (Not PASTA ALL'UOVO, which means with eggs), RICE, BREAD (beware: some bread may have LATTE -milk-, or STRUTTO -lard-), FOCACCIA (same for bread, cheack out for STRUTTO)

You will also find many accidentally vegan biscuits, croissants, sweets...and of course a variety of vegan ham, cheese, seitan, tufu, hamburgers...

As I said, vegan food in Italy is everyewhere!

If you are not sure about the ingredients you can use this guide; for  a printable version click here


vegan Italian vocabulary
vegan Italian vocabulary

Location of the products


Intentionally vegan foods (such as ALPRO, SOYASUN, KYONE, VERYS, MOZZARISELLA, VALSOIA...) are usually located in dedicated areas according to the temperature of the products, but we have a huge variety of accidentally vegan products that are just stored close to the normal you need some patience to find them.

When a visit a foreign country I like to subscribe to their local facebook group for vegan food, this is the link to the Italian one

Here are some pictures that I took in different shops 🙂


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