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Facebook disabled my account after it was hacked – How I got it back in 10 days

On Dec the 20th 2023 Facebook disabled my account after it was hacked and linked to an Instagram account with forbidden content.
Now I can't recover it as I cannot log in. I see many users are having the same issue, so I think it's a matter of general interest and not only personal.
I also want to say that Facebook must have noticed an abnormal activity on my account as I received plenty of emails reporting attempts to change my password. They could have frozen the account and let me recover it after a security check.
We users rely on the company and store our life on the platform, and they just close our accounts without a warning or a possibility to get in contact with a representative.
I cannot download my data due to a technical error....

What I tried

First of all I tried the self help tools (lost your password? your account was hacked?) but nothing worked.

Sent emails to:,

Filled out a complaint to AG California, AG Utah, IC3, Data Protection IE.... Nothing really happened, except that the office of the AG Utah asked me for a new email not connected to Facebook.

Wrote a letter to the Italian Data Protection Authority and Tv Shows...

I tried this form for EU users, but Meta replied saying that they don't even recognize my account. I know some people had luck with that

I also filled out this form of the Data Protection Office of Facebook, but they answered giving me a list of self help tools I cannot use

Some users are paying Meta Verified to get their account back...


How I got it back in 10 days


I just got my account back, I received a code on the email that I gave to the Utah AG and bam!

this is the link to complaint page of the Attorney General

I really hope this won't happen again

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