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Vegan food in Greece: supermarkets

vegan food in greece
vegan feta


When we travel we usually book an accommodation with a kitchen: in Asia we usually just need it to use the fridge, make a smoothie and have a cup pf tea or coffee whenever we want it; in other countries, particularly in Europe, it can make us save a huge amount of money: finding vegan options in European restaurants it's usually not a problems, but it may be pricey: that's why we love the idea of having our own kitchen and cooking the food that we can find in local supermarkets.

From what we have experienced in the last 3-4 years, the availability of vegan food in supermarkets has increased a lot in Greece, so If you are looking for recommendations for vegan food in Greece this is the post for you!

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A long weekend in Corfù


beach in Liapades
Klimatia beach in Liapades

When we are booking a flight we always get overwhelmed by the idea that the world is so huge, and we wonder if will have the possibility to visit it all one day.
So oftentimes what makes the final decision at the moment of choosing a destination is the offer of flights and the feelings about that places...

Once we found a really good offer for Corfù, and when it comes to Greece I remember the sun, the sea, the red land full of rocks, its friendly people and BAKLAVAS. I definitely love Baklavas!
And so there we were, decision made.....destiny  took us to Corfù, where we spent 3 days.

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The best secluded beaches in south Crete


cretan beach
Agios Pavlos

Whenever I go to Greece I feel thrilled, not only because I hope that I will find some vegan baklawa, but also because I’m sure that I will discover plenty of astonishing beaches.

In Crete you can be sure you can find the right beach for you: sandy or rocky, wide or narrow, textile or naturist, popular or secluded….

If you like the less crowded ones, then this is the article for you.

These are my favourite beaches in south Crete (sorry say that you will need a car to visit almost each one of them)

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