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Vegan food on Air China

Air China or China Airlines?


First things first!

There are 2 companies that have similar names but are totally different: Air China and China Airlines:

Air China is the flag carrier of the People's Republic of China (commonly known as China), its main hub is in Beijing and is a member of Star Alliance. Its code is CA.

China Airlines is the flag carrier of the Republic of China (known as Taiwan). Its main hub is in Taipei and is a member of SkyTeam. Its code is CI.

Here we are going to talk about vegan food on Air China.

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How to book a train ticket in China

official webpage to buy a train ticket in china


Until the end of November 2023 booking a train ticket in China wasn’t the easiest thing for foreigners.

We either had to buy the tickets on third party applications, or go to the train station to verify our identity and then use the official railway page 12306 APP or website.

Even after identification, however, I had some issues with 12306 as once or twice the system just didn’t recognize me anymore and I had to go back to the dedicated window to fix it…

But now, starting from 28 November, the railway department has launched an online identity verification service for foreign passports.

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