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Vegan food in Stockholm

As so many of you know, leaving for a trip (it doesn’t matter how long or short) often means packing up a lot of emergency food: we are always fearing that we will starve and that we won’t find enough vegan food to survive 🙂

This is of course an irrational feeling, maybe due to the difficulties we experienced years ago, when the offer of vegan food wasn’t so wide and people didn’t even know what “vegetarian” meant.

Lucky enough, things have changed now, and I have actually learned that you can find something great to eat in most countries…. But sometimes the problem is the price.

Before leaving for Stockholm I packed my usual selection of pasta, biscuits and gnocchi, just to be sure that I had at least the main ingredients for my dinners; I heard the Stockholm can be rather expensive, so I was prepared to eat really basic food for the whole week.

After visiting some supermarkets and some restaurants, I honestly can say that the prices are a bit higher than in other European countries, but you can still have a great food experience at reasonable prices if you just pay a bit of attention.

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Ho(s)tels tips in Bangkok and Koh Chang

While travelling in Thailand we stayed in different kinds of ho(s)tels and a bungalow, we really enjoyed almost everyone of them, so we are listing them for you with our own reviews: two in Bangkok and one in Koh Chang. You will see our usual cheap options and also a more expensive one that is the favourite of my boyfrind's brother 🙂 , they are all comfortable and clean at the same time, and, most important thing: WE NEVER HAD BED BUGS!

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How to travel CRUELTY FREE

When you are a so called "vegan for the animals" you are not only concerned about food, but also about your shopping, and if it's difficult enough to pay attention to everything in your own environment, you can only imagine that it must be impossible abroad.

Never mind! The number of people concerned with cruelty free products is growing everyday, and so are web pages and applications that can help us checking materials and ingredients.

Here's the ones you cannot miss when travelling abroad:

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The best vegan food in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the best places to eat vegan and cheap food, and Bangkok offers a huge variety of choices for every taste; this is my personal guide of the best vegan food in the city.

Chamlong restaurant, just outside Chatuchak Market


vegan food at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok
vegan food at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok


In my opinion this is the best place to eat vegan in Bangkok: it has different stalls and also vegan shop. You may read that this is a vegetarian place, but when I ate there everything was vegan; keep in mind that in Thailand many people use the word "vegetarian" for vegan, just ask to be sure but you'll have no issues.

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Vegan food and animal rights in Cuba

a cat in La Habana
a cat in La Habana

What I remember

I first visited Cuba around the year 2003. I spent one month studying at the University of La Habana and had some time to visit Trinidad and Pinar.
I was a vegetarian back then, so finding something to eat was not a problem, even if you had to buy cheese and eggs at the black market. Meat was a luxury item, so it was not easy to find it in street food stalls.
What really shocked me was the condition of stray animals: everywhere I went I saw miserable cats and dogs, ill with skin diseases , so thin you could see their ribs, and many of them had their ears cut, I really don't know why.
People of course got shocked and angry when I asked for meat for the animals, in a time when many humans didn't have enough to eat.
I left the island in deep sorrow because I couldn't do anything for the animals, and nobody was going to do anything soon.

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Las Coloradas

Flamingos at Las Coloradas
Flamingos at Las Coloradas

Why pink?

Las Colaradas is an astonishing location which is part of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, established in 1979 with the aim of protecting 60,000 hectares of vegetation and hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Despite the huge variety of fauna that one can spot here, including turtles and crocodiles, Las Coloradas is famous for two things: its pink waters and its flamingos.

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