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Semenggoh Nature Reserve

orangutan playing on a tree at Semenggoh


During my trip to Borneo I wanted to visit 3 different types of national parks and reserves to learn more about the Government’s plans for wildlife conservation.

After Bako Nationl Park, a place where animals roam free, I decided to visit Semenggoh Nature Reserve and, in the end, Matang.

Semengooh is located just a short drive from Kuching and its famous for it’s program of orangutans rehabilitation, as a matter of fact, its main attraction is its Wildlife Center, where endangered species, once kept illegally as pets, are trained on how to fend for themselves before being released into the forest.

This kind of centers are of vital importance for these animals: the orangutan is an endangered species and is totally protected by law in Malaysia, Indonesia and internationally. Today, there are an estimated 20-27,000 orangutans left in the wild (perhaps 20,000 or so in Borneo and the rest in Sumatra).

Deforestation, human depredation of their habitat, indiscriminate hunting and the live animal trade are  all factors that have contributed to a decline in their numbers.

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Bako National Park

proboscis monkey
proboscis monkey

I’m writing this post sitting on the porch outside the house that I rented inside Bako National Park.

It’s been a rainy day, I spent the last two days hiking and now I just want to sit here and share my experience about this place, I only hope that monkeys won’t be attracted too much by my pc :-), they are really quick in stealing things from tourists!

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The funny story of my broken backpack

damaged backpack
damaged backpack


You know that moment of relief when you collect your baggage after a flight?

Well, that was not the case for me when I arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport…

I usually travel with a backpack, and I know that it could get trapped into some machinery, so I always protect it with a good amount of plastic wrap.

When I checked in, the employee of Turkish Airlines also suggested I put my backpack into a plastic bag to protect it even more, and I though it was fine.

Nevertheless, when I collected it after 24 hours I discovered it got totally broken.

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A long weekend in Corfù


beach in Liapades
Klimatia beach in Liapades

When we are booking a flight we always get overwhelmed by the idea that the world is so huge, and we wonder if will have the possibility to visit it all one day.
So oftentimes what makes the final decision at the moment of choosing a destination is the offer of flights and the feelings about that places...

Once we found a really good offer for Corfù, and when it comes to Greece I remember the sun, the sea, the red land full of rocks, its friendly people and BAKLAVAS. I definitely love Baklavas!
And so there we were, decision made.....destiny  took us to Corfù, where we spent 3 days.

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Vegan food in Italy


vegan pizza in italy
vegan pizza in italy

If you’re visiting Italy you already know that it’s the temple of the best and oldest cuisine in the world. You will find a lot of vegetarian and vegan options in almost every restaurant and the choices are various from pasta to pizza, from falafel to vegan burgers.

A lot of traditional dishes are just carbs with veggies, especially pasta and rice. Some of them are vegan or vegetarian and easily “veganizable”, but for a safe trip I will list some recommendation below.

Bear in mind that in Italian vegetarian/vegan people are about 8% of the population, but the number is more consistent in the north and that’s the reason why you may experience a some of difference in the offer of vegan food depending on the area you are exploring.

I have to say that the majority of restaurant managers are always willing to make their guests comfortable with their preferences and allergies, most dishes are cooked at the moment and customizable at your request, but always specify or show our “safe vocabulary” (you can find it at the end of the post).

Anyway, as I always prefer choosing an apartment or a hostel with a kitchen (my man likes to cook and he is better than a restaurant =)), I will soon make a list of the vegan foods you can easily find in Italian supermarkets and how to recognize them, so keep following me!

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The best secluded beaches in south Crete


cretan beach
Agios Pavlos

Whenever I go to Greece I feel thrilled, not only because I hope that I will find some vegan baklawa, but also because I’m sure that I will discover plenty of astonishing beaches.

In Crete you can be sure you can find the right beach for you: sandy or rocky, wide or narrow, textile or naturist, popular or secluded….

If you like the less crowded ones, then this is the article for you.

These are my favourite beaches in south Crete (sorry say that you will need a car to visit almost each one of them)

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