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The best secluded beaches in south Crete


cretan beach
Agios Pavlos

Whenever I go to Greece I feel thrilled, not only because I hope that I will find some vegan baklawa, but also because I’m sure that I will discover plenty of astonishing beaches.

In Crete you can be sure you can find the right beach for you: sandy or rocky, wide or narrow, textile or naturist, popular or secluded….

If you like the less crowded ones, then this is the article for you.

These are my favourite beaches in south Crete (sorry say that you will need a car to visit almost each one of them)

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A glimpse of nature in Panama City


While visiting Panama City we got really impressed by the general lack of natural shadow in the streets. As Europeans we are used to walk along avenues surrounded by trees, parks and gardens.

In Panama, especially downtown, we noticed that the neighborhood is not actually made for walking: there are only a few pavements and they are often broken, it's a city designed more for driving than for going on foot.

The "Cinta Costera" is of course an amazing place to have a walk and admire the landscape, but it's not natural at all.

Lucky for us (and for you), if you are in Panama City  longing for a bit of nature, there's an amazing space just one km away from the central station, know as Albrock.

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3 good reasons to visit Stockholm


Gamla Stan

1) It can be less expensive than you may imagine


If you are planning a trip to Stockholm but you fear that it can be too expensive, do not worry! You can find so many different ways to enjoy the city without spending a cent 🙂

First of all, the city is pretty small and accessible, so you will almost never need to use a taxi or public transportation (even if the underground network is really worth a visit for its artwork).

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Vegan food in Stockholm

As so many of you know, leaving for a trip (it doesn’t matter how long or short) often means packing up a lot of emergency food: we are always fearing that we will starve and that we won’t find enough vegan food to survive 🙂

This is of course an irrational feeling, maybe due to the difficulties we experienced years ago, when the offer of vegan food wasn’t so wide and people didn’t even know what “vegetarian” meant.

Lucky enough, things have changed now, and I have actually learned that you can find something great to eat in most countries…. But sometimes the problem is the price.

Before leaving for Stockholm I packed my usual selection of pasta, biscuits and gnocchi, just to be sure that I had at least the main ingredients for my dinners; I heard the Stockholm can be rather expensive, so I was prepared to eat really basic food for the whole week.

After visiting some supermarkets and some restaurants, I honestly can say that the prices are a bit higher than in other European countries, but you can still have a great food experience at reasonable prices if you just pay a bit of attention.

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