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A cheap way to go from La Habana airport to the city

bus from La Habana airport to the city
bus from La Habana airport to the city

When you land at La Habana you have two ways to get out of the airport and arrive at your destination in the city.

-The easy one is taking a taxi: if you take the ones waiting in the line just in front of the Terminal you'll probably pay 25 $, with small possibilities for negotiation...if you want to pay a bit less you can try to walk a bit farther and ask to the ones that are parked outside the line; I was offered a ride to the Habana Vieja for 10 $ but I refused because a wanted to try the second option, as you will see....

-The funny and cheap one is taking the bus, it will cost you only 10 cents $ but I have to admit it was a really punk experience.
If you are coming from abroad your plane will land at Termanal 3, the first thing you need to do is going to Terminal 2, the one for local flights, to get the bus for the city.

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Vegan food in Mérida

lo que hay cafe vegan mérida
lo que hay café

Eating out

As you can see checking out Happy Cow, the choice of vegan food in Mérida is quite short, as there aren't many vegan or vegan friendly restaurants in the center of the town. Many places are located outside the city, so you either need a taxi, a cab, or a bus ride to get there. I spent only a few days there so I didn't have the time to move around a lot looking for food and decided to explore what the central area had to offer.
Of course, like everywhere else in the peninsula, you can always find something cheap to eat like rice or tacos with vegetables, but if you fancy something different you'll need to spend a bit more.

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